Millions of fans across the globe love pro wrestling. The engaging and entertaining art form draws huge crowds at events and viewers on TV. There are also many pro wrestlers which have gone on to become actors in Hollywood and other areas. All attesting to how popular the combat mimicking sport is. Unfortunately, there are a large number of pro wrestlers which have died very young. It has led to many questions as to why so many wrestlers die so prematurely.

Some of the names of wrestlers that have died at a young age include The Ultimate Warrior, Lance Cade, Rowdy Rod Piper, Chyna and Balls Mahoney. In addition to these wrestlers, there are dozens of others on such list. The one thing they all have in common is that they died way too early. The causes of deaths vary with a few dying of heart attacks while some due to others causes. According to statistics, a portion of these wrestlers passed away because of heart attacks. That is what happened to The Ultimate Warrior, Rowdy Piper, Lance Cade and Rick McGraw. Other wrestlers also passed away from similar causes.

Pro wrestlers have also died due to drug overdoses, suicides, car accidents and other unknowns. Looking over statistics, deaths due to drug overdoses appear to be very high among wrestlers. Perhaps that’s due to a large number of them using steroids early on in their careers. Research done on the matter has shown that cardiovascular diseases played a major role in several wrestling pros deaths. In fact, it is the most common cause of death for those who wrestle. When compared to athletes in other sports, professional wrestlers seem to die at a much younger age than their counterparts.

Experts believe that wrestling has training and physical regimes which are brutal. Even though the same can be said of pro Football, the NFL has an off season. However, there are no off seasons in pro wrestling as most perform all year around. Moreover, wrestlers can take part in as many as six matches each week. Whatever the reason why wrestlers die so young is, it’s a tragedy most fans find hard to understand. After all, any sudden death is difficult to comprehend; more so when it involves a popular athlete.