Kids all over the planet wrestle with each other for fun and games. Others do so when they engage in real fighting or extracurricular activities. Some of them go on to become pro wrestlers which actually get paid for performing in front of fans. Granted, it is an entertaining art form which mimics actual combat. Nonetheless, professional wrestlers can earn a good deal of money. While the average earning for a wrestling pro is under $50,000 a year, others make much more. In fact, a few of them go on to become millionaires such as actors Dwayne Johnson, John Cena and Hulk Hogan. Still, that is not the norm since those that earn that much are due to special circumstances.

In the same way that athletes in other sports need to learn basics, so do wrestlers. Perhaps even more than their counterparts since their jobs is more focused on entertainment. These wrestlers have to learn moves to coincide with whatever the outcomes in matches may be. The skills obtained by wrestling professionals are generally picked up during high school and college tournaments. In addition, there are wrestling schools which teach participants all there is to know about the sport.

What pro wrestlers earn each year will depend on several things. Their earnings can vary based on where they live, for instance. That means wrestlers located in the South region of the US, are among the highest earners. Their annual average is about $75,000. Compare that to those who live in the Mideast whose average is $37,000 a year. Still, a wrestler can change what he or she earns by working on doing something which allows them to stand out. They can create unique moves or do something that makes fans notice them.

Once a pro wrestler becomes significantly popular, his or her ability to earn more money increases dramatically. Coincidentally, they can earn extra income via endorsements, advertising and public appearances.