When you think of Scott Steiner, you think of out-of-control interviews, random quotes, and being barred from the WWE Hall of Fame ceremony last year in San Jose. Oh, and you think of our show calling him once in awhile, in-which he has yet to pick up when we do dial him up.

But in probably the most calming on-camera interview we have ever seen the former World Champ give, Steiner makes an appearance for a local Atlanta television station to talk about an attempted murder that took place close to Steiner’s restaurant.

According to CBS 46, a driver was witnessed chasing and shooting down another driver in a road rage incident, which led to the driver being shot at to crash into a Hardees restaurant down the street from Steiner’s Shoney’s. The victim was taken to a hospital and has since been released, according to the report.

“Everyone was just scattering, it was pretty freaky,” said Steiner. ‘It was a once-in-a-lifetime thing. It’s usually pretty mellow around here.”

Steiner talks about the incident in the video below:

CBS46 News

Glenn’s Take: No word on if any freaks were harmed during the incident.