You will probably never see another headline like this ever again.

During the second day of his $100 million trial against Gawker, Bollea was questioned during cross-examination with a recorded radio interview on Bubba The Love Sponge’s show in which he suggested his penis was about 10 inches long.

When asked by Gawker’s lawyer, Michael Sullivan, if he was actually “discussing the length of your penis,” Hogan said: “Well, it’s not mine, because mine is not the size we’re discussing.”

“Seriously?”, Sullivan asked.

“No, seriously. I do not have a ten-inch penis,” Bollea answered.

Bollea went on to explain he was talking about Hogan’s penis size.

“Because Terry Bollea’s penis is not ten inches, like you’re trying to say,” explained Bollea.

The lawsuit pertains to Gawker posting a secretly-recorded sex tape by Bubba The Love Sponge Clem, which shows Bollea having sex with Clem’s then-wife, Heather.

During Monday’s testimony, Bollea said that he was “completely humiliated” when Gawker released the video.