Here are some Afternoon Wrestling Links that should peak your interest:

Brie Bella Confirms Retirement

Both Brie and Daniel Bryan appeared on Good Morning America this morning (watch the video below), as Brie confirmed rumors of her retirement. She stated this summer could be the ideal time to hang up her boots.

Glenn’s Take: Brie and Nikki Bella have come a long way when it comes to their wrestling ability. But this should be no surprise as Brie and Bryan want to start a family.

Mark Henry Injured During

The WWE’s injured list is long going into WrestleMania season, and you could add one more veteran to the mix. Henry was apparently injured during his match with The New Day’s Big E.

The finish saw Big E attempting to perform his finishing move, but instead Henry fell to the mat and was covered for the pin.

Wrestling Observer’s Dave Meltzer confirmed the injury today.

Glenn’s Take: Worst time to get injured: WrestleMania season. Hopefully this isn’t serious, and Henry won’t miss much time.

Big Show Responds To ‘Please Retire’

If you missed Big Show on the Stone Cold Podcast after Monday Night Raw, you missed a good interview. Show talks about his career, guidance from Hulk Hogan, the days days in his life, and much more.

One segment was Show addressing the ‘Please retire!’ chants from fans at events. Show gives the perfect answer in the video below.

Glenn’s Take: If you yell ‘Please retire!’ at the Big Show, you are obviously not a wrestling fan.

Samoa Joe Could Be Called Up To Main Roster Soon?Wrestling Observer

About time.

A lot is riding on the outcome of Samoa Joe vs. Finn Balor during WrestleMania weekend. If Joe doesn’t win the NXT Championship, that could mean a callup to the main roster for the former TNA Champion. But if he does win, look for Joe to remain at NXT until at least the fall or winter.

Glenn’s Take: Joe deserves a legit push on the main roster. Bringing him up just to do it would be bad for both parties. Patience, fans.