On this week’s This is Awesome Wrestling Show, hosts Glenn Moore (@GlennMooreCLE) and Steve Guy (@TheSteveGuy) chat with hardcore wrestling legend Terry Funk, who was in Cleveland to make an appearance at AIW.

Terry talks about Jerry “The King” Lawler, wrestling hardcore, his favorite in WWE today, the movie Beyond The Mat, and much more.

On Dean Ambrose:
“Ambrose is a young guy; he’s very entertaining. He’s a great, great in-ring performer. What he does bad, he doesn’t throw the greatest punches in the world, but he damn sure does a lot of other things better than anybody else. He’s a wonderful talker too. He can talk, he can do it all. But I’m very picky. I don’t like his punches.”

Retiring in the movie Beyond The Mat:

“That was done by guys who asked me. We would love to do something to make this special: how about you retire? So it was their suggestion. Can you retire on the movie?”

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Questions and Answers Timeline:

(4:00) – Joking about Jerry “The King” Lawler

(7:40) – Talking about Bruce Jenner (Caitlyn Jenner)

(10:00) – All his retirements, including his Beyond the Mat retirement (was asked to retire for the movie)

(11:50) – Is there anything Terry Funk would have not done in the ring? Why did he go hardcore?

(14:22) – Hardcore wrestling in ECW

(17:10) – Agreeing with what WWE does to prevent concussions with no head chair shots? Number of concussions he’s had (chair shots)

(19:20) – If he didn’t go the hardcore route, would he be as popular as he is today?

(21:20) – Which WWE guys does he enjoy watching? (Triple H, Dean Ambrose)

(24:25) – Does he think wrestling is overexposed, with all the platforms with watching wrestling?

(25:10) – His idea of the best era of wrestling (his and his father’s)

(27:30) – Chainsaw Charlie was his idea; thinks it was stupid

(28:15) – Vince McMahon

(29:25) – Does he wish he was more involved with WWE? (Mentions that they don’t call them to do Network shows)

(34:00) – His movie/TV career (able to get a nice royalty check each month)

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