On this week’s This is Awesome Wrestling Show, hosts Glenn Moore (@GlennMooreCLE) and Steve Guy (@TheSteveGuy) are joined in studio by local comedian Mike Polk Jr. (@mikepolkjr) He joins the show to add his funny twist to professional wrestling and also leaves former WWE/WCW star Scott Steiner a voicemail (at 50:13 mark).

Mike joined the show to promote Cleveland Have a Heart Charity Event, which all proceeds go towards W.A.G.S. 4 Kids. You can read more information about the event here.

Glenn and Steve also recap Elimination Chamber and this week’s Raw. Why was the main event at Chamber weak? And why are they reusing storylines? Kevin Owens vs. John Cena was epic, and will Owens become WWE World Heavyweight Champion before the year is over?

This week’s interview is with Crazy Mary Dobson (@CrazyMaryDobson), who talks about her time on NXT as Sarah Dobson, her unique character, her time wrestling in Death Matches, favorite horror movies, and much more.


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**Interview with Crazy Mary Dobson begins at the 28:01 mark of the show.**

Transcript of some highlights from interview:

Wrestling Becky Lynch in April at NXT:

“I’ve actually done my tryout at the Performance Center. I’ve done several extra spots. I’ve probably extraed over twenty times, at least. Being there so much, I’ve made friends with a lot of the people. I like to think I fit in really well with them. I’ve developed relationships. Every few weeks, I’ll send guys dates, like ‘Hey, I can do this date, this date, this date.’ He was like, ‘We might have a match for you on NXT on April 23.’

And I live thirteen hours from Florida. So, on a maybe, I drove to Florida and at 7 a.m. that morning, they said ‘Alright, we’re pretty sure it’s going to happen.’

It was just an awesome feeling. Sara Del Ray is the trainer there now. I got to talk to her about it. Norman Smiley was the agent for our match. So that was really awesome.

Becky is super nice. She’s been wrestling for a good while now. She didn’t quite know what to think of me. And when she understood that I am a wrestler, she lighten up a lot. It was only four minutes, but I did roll her up three times. That’s a roll up a minute.”

NXT experience and view:

“NXT has something great going on. I kind of think it’s like Vince’s way of running an indy company. I would definitely love to work for NXT. I think I would fit in well there. I’ve had some people approach me there, that are like ‘You are 5’5″, 5’6″, brown hair, brown eyes, how am I different?’

I’ll send them my promos. I’ll send them to several different people there, trying to get all the feedback I can on it. Trying to show them that creepy can be attractive.”

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