On this week’s This is Awesome Wrestling Show, hosts Glenn Moore (@GlennMooreCLE) and Steve Guy (@TheSteveGuy) talk about the good and bad pertaining to the WWE bringing back The King of the Ring. They also talk about Daniel Bryan being held off TV for a while, and also recap Raw and Extreme Rules. And of course, their weekly phone call to Scott Steiner.

The Young Bucks, Matt (@MattJackson13) and Nick Jackson (@NickJacksonYB), join the show and talk about their beef with Jim Cornette, will they ever wrestle in the WWE, their future plans, role models in wrestling and if they could ever survive in singles competition.


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**Interview with The Young Bucks begins at the 19:53 mark of the show.**

Transcript of some highlights from interview:

Beef with Jim Cornette:

Nick: He hates our style. He left us home when we were under contract with ROH. We left TNA for them. There’s heat there, because when we were starving when he begged us quit TNA to come work for him at ROH. There’s legit heat there.

Matt: We don’t feel like he did his best to help us out in our situation. And it was personal, because we are talking about money, taking money, food out of our children’s mouth.

Nick: Where we had a guaranteed thing at TNA, and we risked it by leaving there going to something that we thought would be even better.

Matt: We put our trust with into him and maybe it was our fault for trusting him. But we don’t feel like he did everything he could to help us.

Nick: He put the blame on the other guys in the office, so we don’t know who it really goes to..

Matt: We don’t know who is ultimately to blame…

Nick: But he was running the promotion at the time…

Matt: And then after all of this, after him doing these very personal things to us, he fires shots at us on his podcast. Smart aleck tweets about us. We felt like, we could have some many times gone public with what he did to us, and we didn’t. We were nice about it. So after he screws us over, and basically lets our contract run out…

Nick: They never even called us, by the way…

Matt: Never even called and thanked us.

Nick: They just let our contract end and we literally didn’t get a ‘Hey, thanks guys, but we are letting you guys go.” Nothing.

Matt: At one point on our last show, they brought us in, it was a pity booking, he [Cornette] said, ‘Can you beg for your jobs back at TNA, and go get your jobs back? We can’t afford you guys. We can’t work with you.’

At that point, Nick and I said ‘is this really happening to us?’ So then, for all that to go down, and then for him to take shots at us at our work, how can you even do that? You’re lucky, at that point, that we didn’t come out and say anything about how you treated us. If anything, we should be the ones pissed off.

So, I think that’s what really pissed us off, that he did this very personal thing to us, and then he’s the one burying us on the internet and his podcast. And I think, you know what, we fell right into the trap and bait, because he loves talking about this stuff. Because he has nothing going on. The guy had to start a Kickstarter to get booked in Europe.

He sees us doing big things and we’re successful. I understand that. You want to get people to talk, and that’s what he did. That’s fine. At this point, you ask if I have a beef with him. I do, but if I saw the guy, I’m not going to go jump him and start a fight with this old man. I would be cordial and say hello to him.

Would I wanna work for him again? Absolutely not.”

Did they turn down WWE contracts?

Matt: Not a contract. They offered us a tryout. We turned down the offer for a tryout.”

If they ever went to WWE, would they be open to changing their style?

Matt: It’s hard to say. Never say never, because it feels like what they’re doing right now…

Nick: It’s working for some of the guys, like Pac [Neville]…

Matt: They’re doing their act. Kevin is doing his act.

Nick: It works for some of the guys. But as tag teams are concerned, I dunno, there’s just not much of a future for tag teams in the WWE, unfortunately.

Matt: That would be a concern for us, because we liked being booked on the top of the card, and doing our act and having fun…

Nick: I think if we put our focus on going there and changing, I think we could do it. But right now, we’re just having too much fun. Right now is not the right time.

Matt: You know, a good wrestler can change with what they are given; their style. We wouldn’t expect to come there and do this exact, what you saw tonight. We would have to adjust, because that’s what good workers do.

Like for example, we’re in New Japan. It’s a completely different audience, who reacts to different things. And it’s taken us a year. But we are finally at the point now we’ve changed our act to what they like. We verbalize the things they are familiar with. We do the things they relate to.

Nick: Just gotta adjust to where you are wrestling.

Matt: I like to say, I like to have confidence in if we did ever go there [WWE], that we
would be successful. Because we would just change it up to what they like and what they want.

Nick: But right now, if the offer was something really, really good, we could consider it.

Matt: Right now though, a tryout, is like, we have a good thing going on. A guarantee. Why say, ‘hey guys, we got this tryout real fast, okay, hang on’. And then if they say no to us, we come back to the for sure thing and go, ‘hey, they said no, do you still want us?’
We just can’t do it. We have families. To big of a gamble.

Nick: Too risky. We have a guaranted thing right now. Why screw it up?”

If they could Superkick Party one person, who would it be?

Nick: Jim Cornette.

Matt: I dunno if I would waste it on him.

Just because it would be a sweet animated GIF, however you say it, Shawn Michaels.

I would love to have a match with him and give him the Superkick. It would take a few to knock him down, but that’s okay.”

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