On this week’s This is Awesome Wrestling Show, hosts Glenn Moore (@GlennMooreCLE) and Steve Guy (@TheSteveGuy) break down this the Fastlane pay-per-view and also recap Raw.

Grado (@GradoWrestling) joins the show this week and topics range from using Madonna’s song as his entrance theme, meeting Ric Flair in the bathroom (transcript below), and much more.

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**Interview starts at 23:10 mark of show.**

Meeting Ric Flair in the bathroom:

“I remember, before I wrestled a wee, I knew that the TNA wrestlers were coming to the Hilton in Glasgow. And I’ve been with my girlfriend for eight years, so she knows me quite well. One time I thought, I’m going to treat you right and I say to her, ‘I’m going to take you to the Hilton for a romantic night, right. No reason. I’m going to take you on a romantic night.’ She goes, ‘oh this is great, you’re the best boyfriend ever.’

So, we are in the Hilton and she goes downstairs, and she comes back up the stairs and goes, ‘why the fuck is Jeff Hardy in the lobby?’ And I was like, ‘I dunno.’ And she goes, ‘if you took me here, because there’s wrestlers here?’ And I was like, ‘ummm, umm maybe.’ She goes, ‘you piece of shit.’ But I gotta get my picture with Ric Flair.

Anyway, so I see Ric Flair into the toilet (bathroom). And I walk in and he’s standing there with his cock out. And I go, ‘Ha! Ric! Imagine bumping into Ric Flair in the toilet.’

Ric: “Yea, whatever.”

Grado: “So, uh, do you have your Hall of Fame ring on?”

Ric: “No, it’s up the stairs in the vault.”

Grado: “Oh, umm, can we get a picture?”

Ric: “No you cannot. You followed me into the bathroom.”

Grado: “I swear to God, honestly, I haven’t followed you.”

Ric: “You have followed me to the bathroom.”

And I went, ‘You know what, I did follow you to the bathroom. You know why, Ric? Because I’m a mark.” And he said, ‘You’re not a mark.’ And I don’t know why he said that. As soon as he said that, it made me think, because at the time, I was training to be a wrestler and I had a couple matches. And I thought, I’m no mark. I’m a professional wrestler. I already had five or six Jack Daniels by this point. I said, ‘You’re right, I’m not mark. I’m a professional wrestler. I am a wrestler too, Ric.’ He goes, ‘Ha, you’re a wrestler? You make money off of this?’ I said, ‘Yes I do.’

I remember someone during the day telling me, during the day, you need to stir something when you see the TNA wrestlers tonight. Go up to D’Lo Brown and call him Savio Vega or some shit. Try to get your ass kicked so you can get publicity.

So then I thought, I’m going to try to get Ric Flair to kick my ass. So I started to rude to him. We went back and forth, back and forth. And I slammed the door to the toilet. And he went to D’Lo Brown and pointed at me to ‘get him, get him’. Because he (Brown) was a road agent. And he tried to come get me, and I shat myself, and went to bed, cried myself to sleep. Because I never got my picture with Ric Flair.”

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